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Welcome to the home for free smiley faces on the Internet! We have literally thousands upon thousands of free smileys for you to use COMPLETELY FREE!

We have just done a massive rehaul of the site so now all the smileys should be a lot easier for you to find.

All of our smileys are completely free and require no installs to use, all you need to do is copy the code provided and paste it where you want! Our free smileys can be used everywhere from MySpace, Orkut, Bebo and Facebook to any forum, your website, someone else's website and in your emails. In fact you can use our smileys ANYWHERE, you can even add them to MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger and AOL Messenger.

The smiley face, smiley or smilie is a small face like cartoon known as an emoticon. It was originally conceived by a bloke called Harvey Ball who made it for an insurance company he was working for at the time. Many people over the years have claimed to have invented the smiley but none so far has been successful. A number of times Russian and American entrepeneurs have attempted to patent the smiley but have failed. The smiley is, and always will be, owned by the people! So enjoy!