What is Shio and how do you play it?

On this page I will discuss about the meaning of Colok Shio and How to Play Colok Shio.
Colok SHIO is one type of betting on the lottery game that is played by guessing the SHIO that will come out as a Result in that Period.
The order of the SHIO TABLE on the Togel is different from the usual SHIO sequence, so don’t get it wrong, guys.
Here it is the Sequence of SHIO Games on Togel:

1. SHIO DOG: 1,13,25,37,49,61,73,85,97.
2. SHIO CHICKEN: 2,14,26,38,50,62,74,86,98.
3. SHIO MONKEY: 3,15,27,39,51,63,75,87.99.
4. SHIO GOAT: 4,16,28,40,52,64,76,88.
5. SHIO KUDA: 5,17,29,41,53,65,77,89.
6. SHIO ULAR: 6,18,30,42,54,66,78.90.
7. SHIO DRAGON: 7,19,31,43,55.67,79,91.
8. SHIO KELINCI: 8,20,32,44,56,68,80,92.
9. SHIO HARIMA: 9,21,33,45,57,69,81,93.
10. SHIO BUFFET: 10,22,34,46,58,70,82.94.
11. SHIO RATS: 11,23,35,47,59,71,83,95.
12. SHIO PIG: 12,24,36,48,60,72,84,96.
How to Play Colok SHIO along with Prizes and Discounts.

The way to determine what SHIO will come out is to see 2 Digits behind the result that came out then reduced by 12 until it cannot be reduced by 12 again.
After that, match the rest with the SHIO sequence above.
For this game the Prizes awarded are 9.5x fold from your Bet Nominal.
The results issued were: 2359
After that take 2 digits behind it which is 59, because it can still be reduced by 12 then we will reduce it until it cannot be reduced by the number 12.
59-12 = 47-12 = 35-12 = 23-12 = 11, so what comes out is the 11th SHIO because 11-can’t be reduced by 12 again.

Count If You Win:
If you want to do Rp 100,000 Bet, –
Discounts given: 5%
Then the capital you need is IDR 100,000 – 5% = IDR 100,000 – IDR 5,000 = IDR 95,000.
The winning amount is Rp. 100,000 x 9.5 + Your capital = Rp. 950,000 + Rp. 95,000 = Rp. 1,045,000.

If you believe in what SHIO is coming out, then you can combine it with the 50-50 Plug Game by guessing Even Odd for the EKOR section.
Why is that?
Try to look at the SHIO sequence above, for the SHIO which is numbered by ODD, then the number of EKES issued to get SHIO is also ODD.

As for the SHIO which is set to EVEN, it will issue an EVEN number as well as in the ECON.
So this can be your KOMBO for additional results in this game.

Learn How to Play Colok 50-50

So many articles on how to play Colok Shio Togel Online are made, hopefully this article can help you to understand this game.
Not to forget CARAMAINJUDI.Online also always gives the same warning to readers on each page that we post.

REMEMBER !!! Look for the Trusted Online Bandar Togel Before Playing !!!

HOW TO PLAY A TITLE – My advice is to look for a Trusted Online Online Togel, why is that?
Because this game uses real money and has great prizes too.
Do not be fooled by the online market with the lure of a big bonus or discount, but look for links that can be trusted.

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